This will be…

…an experiment. I don’t blog much here, as the focus of this site is the fiction, not my own personal thoughts. The fiction speaks with its own voice, or rather with the voices of its characters. I’m just here to orchestrate things and make sure they have a stage on which to speak. My own thoughts not related to the story are irrelevant, I think, to those who come here to read a tale. And yet I am about to commit bloggery anyway.

Those of you who know me personally (all six of you, or some such number) may be aware that I enrolled in university online in the spring of 2021, just over a year into the pandemic. It seemed like a good idea at the time, as my job was very limited due to pandemic restrictions and I figured I might as well work on finishing the bachelor’s degree that I’d abandoned so many years ago. Not long afterward, however, I also returned to full-time work, and I’ve been juggling ever since. This is part of why I haven’t been updating the story very often. It isn’t the sole reason, but it is a big one. My major is literature and writing, and most of my creative energies go to that these days. By the time I’ve finished a workday and my schoolwork, there is rarely enough metaphorical gas in the tank to allow me to write fan fiction too. But just be patient and I promise you it will be worth it!

School, as it happens, is the reason for my writing this blog post. One of the few non-literary courses I’m taking is Information Design. Right now I am part of a team doing a group project for class, and we’re analyzing WordPress as a tool for design. I use WordPress (affectionately referred to by users as WP) to create and maintain this website, so while my classmates and I have been maintaining required blogs elsewhere all semester using a limited instance of WP that we can use for free, I happen to have a full installation on paid hosting. (That’s right, I pay out of my own pocket to put my fiction here. You’re welcome. And if you want to help donate to the cause, I have a button for that. No pressure, though.)

Anyway, that paid hosting lets me use toys like plugins and other goodies that are unavailable on the free blogs we’re doing for class, so I will be giving a tour to my team and demonstrating this expanded functionality. Hence this post.

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