By Honor Bound is a trilogy of fan fiction novels, published as serials, that takes place in an AU for SG-1 beginning immediately after the Season 2 episode A Matter of Time.

Last seen falling through the Stargate while helping Jack to set the shaped charge that would cause the wormhole to skip away from a planet orbiting a black hole, Colonel Frank Cromwell is still in transit during the skip. He arrives alone on an alien world, with no knowledge of the Gate address for Earth, and only the sketchiest of information about conditions in the galaxy beyond his homeworld. He must make his own way in his new environment while hoping that the SGC and Jack (his best friend) survived the blast, and that a rescue team will eventually come for him.

Putting his Air Force Special Operations training to use, Cromwell finds himself in league with a group of rogue Tok’ra involved in the war against the Goa’uld on a separate front, while Jack goes searching for him with SG-1’s help.

By Honor Bound chronicles Frank Cromwell’s extraordinary journey, his triumphant return to Earth — armed with knowledge that can help the Tau’ri — and his future with the SGC, serving once again alongside Jack O’Neill, with whom he shared a promise years before to leave no one behind.


The By Honor Bound trilogy includes:

All That We Leave Behind — Novel-length work, in-progress and updating regularly

By Honor Bound — Novel-length work, forthcoming

Undying — Novel-length work, forthcoming