I’ve been a fan of science fiction since I was two years old, thanks to my dad and to Star Trek. I grew up watching and reading science fiction. I began writing original fiction in earnest as a teenager, and have continued off and on ever since. I’ve been at it for more than forty years now.

My first foray into writing fan fiction came in 2010, while I was suffering writer’s block on an original story.  It was something I’d actually sworn I would never do, but my Muse had other ideas. I’m kind of glad, because I discovered I could use fan fiction as a sandbox for sharpening my skills in general while getting feedback from actual readers. This has made it incredibly useful to me, and also a lot of fun.

Here on my website you will find a collection of things I’ve written or am working on. Mostly, you’ll find my fan fiction, but occasionally I blog on topics of interest, and I may share a quick piece of original short fiction. You never know what you may find on a given day.

I am also available to beta read or to edit the work of other writers. Feel free to drop me a line if you’re interested.