A Light In Dark Places: The Frank Cromwell Anthology, Part I

by Flora

(comprising A Light In Dark Places, All Go Down Together, What Love Remains, and a bonus story called So Builds An Absolute Trust)


When the SGC dialed the stargate on P3W-451, a planet orbiting a black hole, its own gate became locked to the other gate. As the black hole’s gravity field grew to begin engulfing the SGC, time within Cheyenne Mountain began to slow down, and the SGC lost contact with the outside world. Colonel Frank Cromwell and his Special Tactics team were sent in, fearing alien invasion or worse. As viewers learned in the episode, Jack O’Neill and Cromwell had a history with one another: on a mission during the Gulf War, Frank had accidentally left Jack behind, thinking him dead. What resulted for Jack was four months of capitivity as a POW, and a severed friendship for them both. But have you ever wondered what things were like for both men before that mission, and what they were like for Frank from the time of Jack’s capture until they met in Cheyenne Mountain, eight years later?

Fan author Flora has imagined their friendship very well, and also paints an achingly poignant picture of Frank’s life after Jack’s capture by Iraqi forces, as well as Frank’s own determination to still look out for Jack in the only way that he can. — Ana Kaye Lake, 2011

Content Level: 13+

Season: Season 1, Season 2, pre-Stargate

Category: Angst, Character POV

Episodes Referenced: Serpent’s Lair, Within The Serpent’s Grasp, A Matter of Time, Cold Lazarus, Solitudes, Stargate the movie (note that the film was released in 1994, but its events were retconned to 1996 in the TV series)

Content Warnings: Language

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Archivist’s Note: This material reproduced here only as an additional archive should the originals ever be lost, since it relates directly to my own story of Frank Cromwell. It should be noted that Flora wrote her masterpiece long before I began writing any Stargate fanfic whatsoever. — Ana Lake